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April 25, 2014

Do You Know How to Write A WOW Cover Letter?


The Cover Letter Debate

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not you need a cover letter for your job search.  If you are applying to many jobs online, a common word of job search advice is that chances are you will not be required to have one.  However, if you are applying only online you are doing yourself an injustice.  You are missing out on making connections that could take you to the next level in your career. 

Cover Letters Are Making A Comeback
So what do I need to make a cover letter and when would I even use it, you may be asking?  Here are a few cover letter tips to get you started in finding your new career.
  •        Use a cover letter when networking for employment with employers and recruiters via email
  •          Use elements of your cover letter to help you draft a more personal message to a connection you find through Facebook graph search/ LinkedIn
  •          Use elements to craft social media profiles.
  •          Include your cover letter for resume applications that require a letter of interest.

So Here is How to Write A Cover Letter

Do Your Research. Ensure your cover letter is addressed to the right person. By all means necessary, try not to have “To Whom it May Concern” as your lead into the cover letter.  Find out who it is going to and address the cover letter specifically to the intended reader.
The Rising Action.  Once you have done your detective work to find out who the cover letter is going to, you want to start the body of your cover letter with some power. In the first sentence, introduce yourself and how you came to know about the position and person deciding the hiring. For the remainder of the first paragraph you are trying to persuade the reader to believe you are the solution to their talent problem. The employers business exists to solve a problem. Get the reader’s attention right away by acknowledging your awareness of the problem. Again this requires research. Know the industry, know the employers mission, and know how your talents fit with in the company's ability to make a profit solving the problem.
The Climax. Next you want to connect the employers need with a demonstration of your skill, talent, and passion in making their mission a success.  You can use three brief accomplishments that show some proof that you are the solution to their talent need. Or, an even better way to demonstrate your fit is to sample brief quotes from past employers. You can ask your references for a quote or sample them from letters of reference. Just make sure whoever you use is included in your reference page and include their name, title and Company following the quote.

The Conclusion. Keep it clean and concise. Thank them for their time. Draw their attention to your enclosed or attached resume, and welcome them to meet with you in an interview by contacting you at the provided email and phone number.

Need to Know How to Find A Job Other Than With Online Job Boards?
You have come to the right place J Stay tuned for the upcoming job search advice series in May on mobile job hunting!

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  1. I know that how to write a professional cover letter. Now I am very clear about writing cover letter because I have finished to read your whole review. Thanks for sharing with us.


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