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May 30, 2014

Job Search Advice and Resources to Get the Job

This post contains affiliate links.

Have you ever found a really good resource and then when you wanted to share or use it, forgot where you found it? 

Where to find jobs

I know the feeling. 

That is why I have taken the BEST Job Search Advice from  this month’s mobile and social job search tools and put them into one place. 

Don’t worry, I also Added Suggestions For Using Them in the different parts of your job search strategy and Linked Helpful Job Search Advice from other fabulous bloggers to make it easy to find everything all in one place. 

Here it is…


Everyone has transferrable skills.  But you can’t market them if you don’t know what your strengths are.

RESOURCES: To find the right career fit, don't start by randomly applying to jobs that sound good. Evaluate what you are really good at that makes you happiest. You can start by using free apps and social tools like: Career Quiz Mobile App  or  Live CareersAptitude Test .  Once you have a good idea of what you are a good fit for; take a look at your past jobs and inventory your related skills and accomplishments.

The link above gives great job search advice on why and how to target the employers you are interested in. Knowing these industries and employers helps you narrow your job search to a more likely chance of becoming employed.

RESOURCES: Use resources like Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com  for desktop and mobile as well as HiddenJobs app to find employer reviews and job announcements that match the marketable skills you have to offer.

1.  GOAL: Learn to use Social Listening to become a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in your industry niche.
RESOURCES: Need  help figuring out what keywords and topics to even look for in the first place? Social tools like Google Trends for desktop and Trend Topic mobile app are great at getting the job done. GoogleAlerts for desktop or Social Mention mobile app  are awesome tools for following your chosen topics in the news and on the web.

RESOURCES: Back up your brand message so that people will associate your name with your work.  Create an online portfolio Pinterest , LinkedIn, and Slide Share and connect your expertise with an audience by Blogging in your niche expertise!

1.  GOAL: Build An Influencer Network Of Connections (Industry Experts, Company Representatives) 

RESOURCES: These days our social networks expand far beyond our inner circle.  You would be surprised at how many connections you have if you looked. Making connections is easy when you use tools like Facebook GraphSearch , LinkedIn Mobile , and Be Known to find out if there are people in your circle who work at the companies you are targeting.

RESOURCES: Whether you are job searching or working on moving up in your career, a targeted strategy that you can track and measure progress is not as hard as you think and gets you better results and opens more opportunities than the average job searcher will ever have.

Track your progress using your own spread sheets, notebooks, inspiration boards or desktop tools like Jibber Jobber or SuccessHawk .

Here is a BONUS resource with 25Must Have iPhone apps for your job search

You may be asking, "Will this really help me find a career?".  

The answer is Yes.  

Using a strategy that incorporates goals and tools such as the ones listed in this post gets you closer to achieving that dream job than applying and searching randomly on luck. 

You have goals to achieve and tasks to complete that allow you to measure and track what goes wrong and what goes right; you can adjust fire and get better with every step!


Where to find jobs


Happy Hunting!

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May 23, 2014

Social Tools To Sell Your Marketable Skills

If You Were In The Business Of Selling “You” What Would Your Product Look Like?

Kellum Career Consulting
Not so long ago finding a job or moving up in your career only took one good resume, application, or connection and just like that ....You got the job!

Job search advice for today’s workforce indicates that finding a job is more like being a business owner. You need a strategy, solid industry knowledge, mastery of your resources and the skill to sell you!


When an employer or networking connection looks you up on the internet, the things they find should tell your professional story and give a glimpse of the type of value you possess and how it benefits them or their organization.

Here’s How To Start Marketing Your Skills
In this part of your job search strategy the goal is to back up your brand message so that people will associate your name with your work.   Sounds daunting?  Give it a try!
Two easy first steps are to:
  •          Create an online portfolio
  •          and Connect your expertise with an audience

Make an Online Portfolio

You can probably guess that your LinkedIn profile is the first place that your online portfolio will make an impact.  Your profile has so much more potential than just including your skills and abilities for a resume.

Here Are Some Things You Could Display:
  •          Video and PowerPoints
  •          Upload Documents
  •          Awards And Projects that will demonstrate your skill set.

A second area that can be useful to your online portfolio is Pinterest.  Especially if the employers you are interested in have a large Pinterest presence, having a professional account where you can pin your portfolio of work can be useful and fun! Just make sure that you keep it clean and legal, focused on your professional side and follow and re pin from your target employers.

Need Some Ideas For What To Pin?
  •         Presentations and video’s
  •        Approved images of you working (Get permission if others are in the pics), projects you have worked on, volunteer projects you were involved in
  •         Images of concepts, products you use and recommend to colleagues, and causes you care about
  •         Create quotes of your most creative sayings and comments from others

Connect Your Expertise With An Audience

There is a lot of advice about blogging while job searching.  This is a useful tool for professionals looking for a way to stand above the competition and to help you connect with your industry as a thought leader, strengthen your network, and gain valuable insights.

However, keep in mind that once you put information on the internet any one can view it.



  • Bash companies (Especially ones you may end up targeting for employment)
  • Post unrelated, discriminatory, and political comments
  • Obviously single one company for all of your content (You never know, you may apply to a job with the competitor!)

No matter what your current ability to “sell yourself” may be, learning to use your resources will help you get to that next level.

Thanks for reading J Share and Be Inspired!

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May 16, 2014

It’s a Social World: 3 Steps to Finding Employee Referral Opportunities

Have you ever applied to a job online and then heard through the grape vine that someone else was already in mind for the position?

Kellum Career Consulting

Be The Inside Referral

I have spoken on the importance of becoming an inside or employee referral a few times and professionally advise my clients to make this one of their strategic career management goals.  If employee referrals are regarded by the employer as the top source for quality employees then it just makes sense that networking is increasingly becoming as important as mastering the skill you need for the career you want. 

Employee referral programs are a hot topic in employer recruitment strategies.


Because, though there are an abundance of applicants for positions, a resume and interview do not adequately reveal if the potential candidate :                                                                                                 
  •        Is guaranteed to perform at the desired level
  •       Are a good fit for the organizational culture
  •       Will stay with the company

It's An Employers Secret Weapon!

An employee referral program is a recruitment strategy that provides current employees an incentive (monetary, time off, awards, etc.) for producing quality referrals for the companies’ vacant positions.  Employees have a better connection socially to the people they refer and are not going to just refer outsiders that would be a flop…That would reflect poorly on their own reputation.  

Using this strategy helps the employer reduce the possibility of the above mentioned problems and gets those stellar employees (You) that they really want. 

Make It Yours Too

So if employee referrals are what employers’ desire, and you know you are the right fit for the job, why would you leave that opportunity open to your competition and not get moving on your networking plan even before you start seriously looking for a job?

How To Start Networking

While there is a fine line between being a creepy stalker and making genuine connections with people (You won’t get very far in you networking strategy being creepy and in-genuine) if you do not know how to make connections in the first place many people don’t even try.

So I have put together 3 easy steps to getting the ball rolling for you:
  1.      Know What You Are Talking About
  2.      Use Your Current Connections
  3.    .    Master Your Social Media Resources

1. Know What You Are Talking About means just that. 
We have all been in a conversation where the other person was obviously trying to be impressive, and you very clearly could see that they did NOT know what they were talking about. Don’t let that be you!

In your targeted job search strategy you should be keeping an eye on key topics by tracking  info using tools that we talked about last week such as Google Alerts or Social Mention..... 

But if you need more help figuring out what keywords and topics to even look for in the first place, Social tools like GoogleTrends, Trend Topic, and Quora are great at getting the job done.

2. Use Your Current Connections.  
The whole concept of employee referrals is that trusted employees suggest friends or people they know for open positions.  These days our social networks expand far beyond our inner circle.  You would be surprised at how many connections you have if you looked. 

Using tools like Facebook Graph Search to search your network is very powerful.  I have used this job search advice with several clients and have had very positive results.  They found persons within their network that were connected to companies of interest and used the next step to make the connection.

3. Master Your Social Media Resources.   
If you are searching for new or better professional opportunities having a LinkedIn profile is a must.  Once you have found people in your network that you would like to connect with…look them up on LinkedIn and draft a thoughtful and genuine request to connect.

That is it!

Use those three steps to get your mobile job search networking strategy a jumpstart toward the goal of becoming THAT someone else who was already in mind for the position.

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May 9, 2014

Making Connections with Social Listening: How to Start Your Networking Strategy

Ever heard of Social Listening? 

It’s a HOT topic in the world of business.  Social Listening is the process of monitoring social conversations about a company, brand, or topic.  There are many analytic tools out there that businesses use to gather data on their desired topics and develop strategies to improve or reach their goals. 

Why am I writing about businesses using social listening in a job search advice blog?

Because just as businesses stay current and in the know on topics that are important to their strategies, so must you.

Making Connections, Job Search Advice, Networking Strategy, Social Listening

Social Listening Needs to be a Part of Your Job Search Networking Strategy.

Learning how to search for a job in today’s economy requires you to stay on top of your networking game. To do this you need to stay relevant and current in your knowledge about the companies and issues you are targeting in your strategy.

Last week I shared some job search advice on the importance of developing a job search strategy using a three part process: Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, and Nurturing Your Network (click here if you missed it or would like a review). 

Social Listening is a part of Building Your Brand that sets you up for Nurturing Your Network.

But before you even think about making some serious networking moves you should aim to know as much as you can about the positions and companies you target.

  •          Monitor your personal brand
  •          Know your target industry HOT Topics
  •          Know your target company latest news
  •          Know, follow, and connect with industry thought leaders

  • Monitor company news to learn about new hiring initiatives, business ventures, current    business needs, and product launches
  • Gather comments via Facebook, Twitter, etc. about your target company that reveal a problem with one of their products or processes that you have the ability and skill to improve
  •  Find company brand advocates that you can connect with

Using free tools such as Google Alerts and Social Mention to help you quickly and easily stay in the know is a great way to start.


Google Alerts is an old favorite of mine to capture data (News, Blogs, Web Articles). If you have thought out your topics and keywords it’s pretty simple to get results.

To use Google Alerts  
  1.  Enter the person, company or topic you want to monitor
  2.  Set the frequency you want to receive results 
  3.  Don't forget to refine your search!  You will get a large amount of data, some of which will be irrelevant....If you find data that is not helpful you can always click "irrelevant". This will make sure that the type of data you marked does not show up in your future alerts. Here is a great tutorial on how to make the most of this alert http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Google-Alerts.

I really like Google Alerts however,
  • Google Alerts only sends you emails of news articles, web pages, and blog posts that make it to the top 10 Google web search for that key word.
  • I use my phone more than any other device I own which makes the Mention app much more convenient to use.

So as an addition to Google Alerts I personally also use and suggest Social Mention app for mobile devices to monitor the topics that are important.

Social Mention is set up very much like Google Alerts, but this app is way nicer. With Social Mention you can chose what sources you would like to receive data from just like Google Alerts but it also includes other sources not available through Google Alerts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discussion Forums.

Here is a great article with images on how to set up your Social Mention alerts http://www.razorsocial.com/social-media-monitoring-tool-mention/

I would suggest using the free version of mention keeping in mind that there are limits to the amount of results you can receive a month.  There is no need to go into the big bucks categories using this tool for job search purposes.

Still Need Help With Developing Your Job Search Strategy?

Stay tuned there are still 3 more weeks of DIY mobile strategy development ahead during Mobile Job Search Month.

Need personalized help with your job search? Visit www.kellumcareerconsulting.com for more details.

Have A Fabulous Day!

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May 2, 2014

How to Find a Career: 3 Steps to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy

Employability and Job Search Success, two phrases that go hand and hand, and should be at the helm of your job search strategy. 

 If you are in tune to the job market news, you may have heard of employability.  Basically this relates to the probability of you getting a new or improved job based on your skill set.  

The more in tune you are with the needs of your target employer, the better you are able to hone your skill set to match with what they are looking for. 

Arming yourself with this knowledge also helps you in growing the right network. 

Job Search Strategy: Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, Nurture Your Network

Don't know how to target the right employer?  Well then it sounds like it is time to get a good strategy in place!

Chances are if you are still looking for a job after months on the hunt like many Americans are now a days, you have had your share of applying and applying with no results.  Here is some job search advice I give all of my clients.  

Don't give up!  

The biggest factor in a successful job search is persistence.  You just need to revamp your current strategy.  

Finding a career you love in many situations takes a full time effort. Job seekers who have a targeted and measurable strategy to their search are able to make goals, track, and achieve them.  Giving their job search purpose and direction...which also makes it easy to be persistent.  You generally know what your next steps should be when you have a strategy.  

Here are 3 steps that I use with great results to getting a good strategy developed. 

Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, and Nurture Your Network.

1. Find Your Fit means assessing your skills, values, and talents.  It also means knowing where those are in demand.  Learning where you are most employable and really defining those into marketable assets is key in this step.  You also need to know where geographically and industry wise the most opportunities lie.  You will  not find a job as an oceanographer if you live in the dessert. 

2. Build Your Brand.  Have you looked yourself up on Google lately? If you have and found that some random person that is not you comes up or worse yet, nothing even remotely about you shows up, you have some work to do.  It may seem that building an online presence is only for businesses and celebrities, but guess what?

You are Your Own Business.

If you are looking for a job or promotion you ultimately have to know how to market and "Sell"  your skills. Owning and promoting your personal brand to the right channels will further develop your strategy. Which brings us to our last step.

3. Nurture Your Network.  Your ultimate goal is to accept a job offer.  But to get there you need to be an inside referral.  If you ask me where to find jobs I will tell you that making connections with the right people is the best bet and should be one of your big goals in job search strategy development.  Not convinced networking is vital?  Check out this info-graphic by JobVite on the power of the inside referral.

Knowing what skills increase your employability with specific employers will help you to tailor your personal brand and target the people that you need to be networking with for a goal of becoming an inside referral.  This will get you so much closer to receiving that job offer than applying blindly to every job under the sun.

Need Help Figuring Out What Tools To Use To Make This Strategy Work For You?  
Check out more posts on Social and Mobile tools and techniques to get you into that dream job!

                                                               Have a Fabulous Day!

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