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May 2, 2014

How to Find a Career: 3 Steps to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy

Employability and Job Search Success, two phrases that go hand and hand, and should be at the helm of your job search strategy. 

 If you are in tune to the job market news, you may have heard of employability.  Basically this relates to the probability of you getting a new or improved job based on your skill set.  

The more in tune you are with the needs of your target employer, the better you are able to hone your skill set to match with what they are looking for. 

Arming yourself with this knowledge also helps you in growing the right network. 

Job Search Strategy: Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, Nurture Your Network

Don't know how to target the right employer?  Well then it sounds like it is time to get a good strategy in place!

Chances are if you are still looking for a job after months on the hunt like many Americans are now a days, you have had your share of applying and applying with no results.  Here is some job search advice I give all of my clients.  

Don't give up!  

The biggest factor in a successful job search is persistence.  You just need to revamp your current strategy.  

Finding a career you love in many situations takes a full time effort. Job seekers who have a targeted and measurable strategy to their search are able to make goals, track, and achieve them.  Giving their job search purpose and direction...which also makes it easy to be persistent.  You generally know what your next steps should be when you have a strategy.  

Here are 3 steps that I use with great results to getting a good strategy developed. 

Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, and Nurture Your Network.

1. Find Your Fit means assessing your skills, values, and talents.  It also means knowing where those are in demand.  Learning where you are most employable and really defining those into marketable assets is key in this step.  You also need to know where geographically and industry wise the most opportunities lie.  You will  not find a job as an oceanographer if you live in the dessert. 

2. Build Your Brand.  Have you looked yourself up on Google lately? If you have and found that some random person that is not you comes up or worse yet, nothing even remotely about you shows up, you have some work to do.  It may seem that building an online presence is only for businesses and celebrities, but guess what?

You are Your Own Business.

If you are looking for a job or promotion you ultimately have to know how to market and "Sell"  your skills. Owning and promoting your personal brand to the right channels will further develop your strategy. Which brings us to our last step.

3. Nurture Your Network.  Your ultimate goal is to accept a job offer.  But to get there you need to be an inside referral.  If you ask me where to find jobs I will tell you that making connections with the right people is the best bet and should be one of your big goals in job search strategy development.  Not convinced networking is vital?  Check out this info-graphic by JobVite on the power of the inside referral.

Knowing what skills increase your employability with specific employers will help you to tailor your personal brand and target the people that you need to be networking with for a goal of becoming an inside referral.  This will get you so much closer to receiving that job offer than applying blindly to every job under the sun.

Need Help Figuring Out What Tools To Use To Make This Strategy Work For You?  
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                                                               Have a Fabulous Day!

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