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May 16, 2014

It’s a Social World: 3 Steps to Finding Employee Referral Opportunities

Have you ever applied to a job online and then heard through the grape vine that someone else was already in mind for the position?

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Be The Inside Referral

I have spoken on the importance of becoming an inside or employee referral a few times and professionally advise my clients to make this one of their strategic career management goals.  If employee referrals are regarded by the employer as the top source for quality employees then it just makes sense that networking is increasingly becoming as important as mastering the skill you need for the career you want. 

Employee referral programs are a hot topic in employer recruitment strategies.


Because, though there are an abundance of applicants for positions, a resume and interview do not adequately reveal if the potential candidate :                                                                                                 
  •        Is guaranteed to perform at the desired level
  •       Are a good fit for the organizational culture
  •       Will stay with the company

It's An Employers Secret Weapon!

An employee referral program is a recruitment strategy that provides current employees an incentive (monetary, time off, awards, etc.) for producing quality referrals for the companies’ vacant positions.  Employees have a better connection socially to the people they refer and are not going to just refer outsiders that would be a flop…That would reflect poorly on their own reputation.  

Using this strategy helps the employer reduce the possibility of the above mentioned problems and gets those stellar employees (You) that they really want. 

Make It Yours Too

So if employee referrals are what employers’ desire, and you know you are the right fit for the job, why would you leave that opportunity open to your competition and not get moving on your networking plan even before you start seriously looking for a job?

How To Start Networking

While there is a fine line between being a creepy stalker and making genuine connections with people (You won’t get very far in you networking strategy being creepy and in-genuine) if you do not know how to make connections in the first place many people don’t even try.

So I have put together 3 easy steps to getting the ball rolling for you:
  1.      Know What You Are Talking About
  2.      Use Your Current Connections
  3.    .    Master Your Social Media Resources

1. Know What You Are Talking About means just that. 
We have all been in a conversation where the other person was obviously trying to be impressive, and you very clearly could see that they did NOT know what they were talking about. Don’t let that be you!

In your targeted job search strategy you should be keeping an eye on key topics by tracking  info using tools that we talked about last week such as Google Alerts or Social Mention..... 

But if you need more help figuring out what keywords and topics to even look for in the first place, Social tools like GoogleTrends, Trend Topic, and Quora are great at getting the job done.

2. Use Your Current Connections.  
The whole concept of employee referrals is that trusted employees suggest friends or people they know for open positions.  These days our social networks expand far beyond our inner circle.  You would be surprised at how many connections you have if you looked. 

Using tools like Facebook Graph Search to search your network is very powerful.  I have used this job search advice with several clients and have had very positive results.  They found persons within their network that were connected to companies of interest and used the next step to make the connection.

3. Master Your Social Media Resources.   
If you are searching for new or better professional opportunities having a LinkedIn profile is a must.  Once you have found people in your network that you would like to connect with…look them up on LinkedIn and draft a thoughtful and genuine request to connect.

That is it!

Use those three steps to get your mobile job search networking strategy a jumpstart toward the goal of becoming THAT someone else who was already in mind for the position.

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