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May 9, 2014

Making Connections with Social Listening: How to Start Your Networking Strategy

Ever heard of Social Listening? 

It’s a HOT topic in the world of business.  Social Listening is the process of monitoring social conversations about a company, brand, or topic.  There are many analytic tools out there that businesses use to gather data on their desired topics and develop strategies to improve or reach their goals. 

Why am I writing about businesses using social listening in a job search advice blog?

Because just as businesses stay current and in the know on topics that are important to their strategies, so must you.

Making Connections, Job Search Advice, Networking Strategy, Social Listening

Social Listening Needs to be a Part of Your Job Search Networking Strategy.

Learning how to search for a job in today’s economy requires you to stay on top of your networking game. To do this you need to stay relevant and current in your knowledge about the companies and issues you are targeting in your strategy.

Last week I shared some job search advice on the importance of developing a job search strategy using a three part process: Find Your Fit, Build Your Brand, and Nurturing Your Network (click here if you missed it or would like a review). 

Social Listening is a part of Building Your Brand that sets you up for Nurturing Your Network.

But before you even think about making some serious networking moves you should aim to know as much as you can about the positions and companies you target.

  •          Monitor your personal brand
  •          Know your target industry HOT Topics
  •          Know your target company latest news
  •          Know, follow, and connect with industry thought leaders

  • Monitor company news to learn about new hiring initiatives, business ventures, current    business needs, and product launches
  • Gather comments via Facebook, Twitter, etc. about your target company that reveal a problem with one of their products or processes that you have the ability and skill to improve
  •  Find company brand advocates that you can connect with

Using free tools such as Google Alerts and Social Mention to help you quickly and easily stay in the know is a great way to start.


Google Alerts is an old favorite of mine to capture data (News, Blogs, Web Articles). If you have thought out your topics and keywords it’s pretty simple to get results.

To use Google Alerts  
  1.  Enter the person, company or topic you want to monitor
  2.  Set the frequency you want to receive results 
  3.  Don't forget to refine your search!  You will get a large amount of data, some of which will be irrelevant....If you find data that is not helpful you can always click "irrelevant". This will make sure that the type of data you marked does not show up in your future alerts. Here is a great tutorial on how to make the most of this alert http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Google-Alerts.

I really like Google Alerts however,
  • Google Alerts only sends you emails of news articles, web pages, and blog posts that make it to the top 10 Google web search for that key word.
  • I use my phone more than any other device I own which makes the Mention app much more convenient to use.

So as an addition to Google Alerts I personally also use and suggest Social Mention app for mobile devices to monitor the topics that are important.

Social Mention is set up very much like Google Alerts, but this app is way nicer. With Social Mention you can chose what sources you would like to receive data from just like Google Alerts but it also includes other sources not available through Google Alerts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discussion Forums.

Here is a great article with images on how to set up your Social Mention alerts http://www.razorsocial.com/social-media-monitoring-tool-mention/

I would suggest using the free version of mention keeping in mind that there are limits to the amount of results you can receive a month.  There is no need to go into the big bucks categories using this tool for job search purposes.

Still Need Help With Developing Your Job Search Strategy?

Stay tuned there are still 3 more weeks of DIY mobile strategy development ahead during Mobile Job Search Month.

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Have A Fabulous Day!

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