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June 20, 2014

3 Transferable Skills Tips Every Job Seeker Should Know

Once you have your transferable skills list handy, what do you plan to do with it?

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There is plenty of job search advice for discovering your transferable skills for your job search...sometimes  the hardest part is figuring out what the next step is.

Let’s take a look at how to use your transferable skills to help you network, focus your resumes, and prepare interview responses.

Making connections is your #1 priority in your job search and career management strategy.

It’s your source for:
  •          Professional Skills Development
  •          Marketing Your Personal Brand
  •          and Becoming a Direct Referral for a job
Without knowing what skills you possess that are desirable to your targeted employers....how do you know what relationships to focus on and what to talk about?

Transferable Skills For Networking

Tip #1
Use your transferable skills to provide direction and focus in your networking strategy.

Here is an example of using your Transferable Skills for Networking:

Melanie is interested in changing career fields from Office Management to HR.

One of her strongest transferable skills is Communication. She has a high level of Emotional Intelligence and is the go to person in her office for diffusing conflict and engaging employees for group causes.

She chooses to strengthen that skill by attending communication related workshops, seminars, and webinars that are targeted for HR professionals; such as ones offered by the ISEI (Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence ).

During the classes she works on skill development but also on making connections with other professionals she develops relationships with.
  •  She exchanges business cards
  •  Connects on LinkedIn
  • And honestly plans to attend other workshops she has learned about with some of her new connections. 
Melanie is genuinely interested in the workshops and is able to develop real relationships with the people she meets.

Transferable Skills For Focusing Your Resume

Tip #2
Use your transferable skills to craft your work history into a career story.

Do you have a career story?

A Career Story is basically the result of weaving together the pieces of different jobs or career moves you've had in the past. (The beginnings of your Personal Brand)

So that, rather than having a maze of random jobs, it looks like you either:
(a) Had a plan to begin with and took advantage of things to get to where you currently are; or
(b) Saw opportunities to move into other exciting and challenging industries but remained unified by some common goal.

Kellum Career Consulting, Job Search Advice

Many people craft their resume with an objective statement followed by a reverse chronological work history.

This format does not allow you to paint a cohesive picture.

Instead create a Career Story by:
  •        Replacing your objective with a brief career summary that focuses on your strongest experiences and transferable skills. 
  •         Following that with a listing of your specialty skills related to the job and
  •     Organizing your work history to highlight the duties and accomplishments that complement the skills theme you created in the summary.

Transferable Skills For Preparing Interview Responses

Tip #3
Develop powerful examples from your top transferable skills

One of the best ways to be confident in an interview with out faking it, is to be as prepared as possible.

Have you ever wondered what to say when they ask, “So tell me about yourself?”

You can use your strongest transferable skills to prepare a brief 30 second commercial of who you are and what you bring to the table as your reply.

Compare your transferable skills list to the job announcement.

By knowing what skills the company is looking for and what you have to offer, you can rehearse what answers you will give for general questions and prepare to give example situations that you know would fit with what they are looking for.

Plan to succeed and you will succeed in your plan!

Share and be Inspired!

Kellum Career Consulting, Job Search Advice

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