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June 13, 2014

5 Steps To Identifying Your Transferable Skills

In an economy where finding a new job every 3-5 years has become the norm; knowing your transferable job skills is a necessity.

Transferable Skills, Marketable Skills

What Do Transferable Skills Look Like?
Everyone has Transferable Skills; the trick is identifying the most marketable skills for your desired career field.

Here is an easy example, let’s say you work in Customer Service Management but want a job as an Office Manager.

Depending on where you work these two can be very different in regards to duty requirements. But they both require several of the same professional skills such as:  Computer Skills, Customer and Employee Communication Skills, Personnel Management, and Problem Solving Skills.

Hard Or Soft Skills?

In general, I like to categorize Transferable Skills into 4 areas: Soft Skills, Analytical Skills, Technical (Hard) Skills, and Organizational Skills.

Here are examples of the type of marketable skills you would find in each category:

Soft Skills: Written and Verbal Communication, Team Work, Organizing People
Analytical Skills: Problem Solving, Investigating, Auditing Records
Technical Skills: Operate Office Machinery, Assemble Products, Purchase Products or Services
Organizational Skills: Time Management, Ability to Plan, Meeting Deadlines

There are MANY MANY different skills and combination of skills possible which can be overwhelming for beginners...But starting with these 5 steps will put you on the right track!

5 Steps To Identifying Your Transferable Skills

Step 1.
List your past and current jobs, volunteer work, and hobbies. Of course as the first step this is the most important. It doesn't have to be a fancy list or excel spreadsheet but make sure to leave enough space to do some work for the next 4 steps underneath each job.

Step 2.
Under each job, write down your main tasks, assignments, and projects you were most proud of....this does not have to be in long flowery sentences. Just the facts in short phrases or words.

Step 3.
Break your tasks and assignments up into the specific professional skills you needed to complete them....this takes a bit of room to brainstorm out the skills.

Step 4.
Create a master list of your most marketable skills. You can split them into categories if you would like or keep them in a long list for now.

Step 5.
Rate yourself on the professional skills you listed.
A) What are your strongest and your weakest
B) Make a plan to compare your strongest to job announcements in your desired field and positions.
C) Don't forget to also make a plan to also make a skill development plan to strengthen those areas that are less developed  if they are important to your field.

Transferable Skills, Marketable Skills

Job Search Advice To Help You Get Your Skills List Right
My All Time FAVORITE web site to use for occupational tools and research is O*NET Online. 

Have you used it yet? 

This site is FREE, is developed by the Department of Labor, and is connected to state job search databases.  It is a very comprehensive site but you may need a little navigation help if you are not familiar with it. 

Use the Skills Search
The Skills Search function is a quick resource designed to help you use your skill set to identify occupations for exploration. You can choose from their list of professional skills and it will compile job fields that use those skills….And Voila!  You have a brief list of your transferable skills AND suggested jobs that you could potentially transfer to. 

Here is the link http://www.onetonline.org/skills/  Check it out!

Have a Great Week!

Transferable Skills, Marketable Skills

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