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June 6, 2014

Success Begins With You: Know Your Strengths!

I believe we discover our talents just like every other part of our personality… But we learn in life to be persistent to achieve our goals.

Success Begins With You

Being “Smart” Doesn't Guarantee “Success”
Working closely with individuals in job-search and career management I get to help people uncover beliefs and skills they never put much value too. It's interesting to see how much potential and inherent talent someone has but does not recognize.  I have shared job search advice and  my personal story a few times with others to encourage them to face life's obstacles and push through to achieve their goals.

Strangely enough, on more than one occasion the response was something like "Well it's easy to be successful if you are smart".

...I don't believe being "Smart" is what enables success...

Determination, and self-understanding, now those two things make a WORLD of difference in whether you will or will not go after your dreams.

Know your strengths

Career Success Begins With You
Where many people have trouble is that they lack self-understanding and often go into a career because they need it financially or wanted to take it because it was a good opportunity.

There's nothing wrong with that.

 However, as you mature you learn to find your strengths, and find out where you would like to fit. This is where persistence and determination comes in again.

To be successful in finding a career you love, you have to be persistent at skill development and determined to achieve the right fit.

Are You Waiting For A Work Life Balance?
The average employed American spends 48 hours a week (including drive time) at work. That is more hours then you spend with your family during the workweek. Why would you settle for something that doesn't utilize the skills and talents that make you happy?

HR Wants YOU!
In the realm of HR and talent development a good employer with a well-established talent management program, focuses efforts on skill development for individuals with obvious talent that aligns with the business strategy and goals. No matter how you put it, being recognized for your value and talents, being offered development opportunities and opportunities to improve the organization where you work makes you feel good about yourself and your job (the place where you spend the most time in a week).

Find Employers That Need Your Talent And Marketable Skills
Take your time to Find Your Fit before you set out on your job search or career transitioning journey. Not only will this help you target jobs and employers where you will feel more fulfilled, but it helps you to really understand that you, no matter your station a life, have value.

Now that is a goal worth your persistence and determination!

Stay Positive!
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