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June 27, 2014

Top 10 Transferable Skills: How Do You Measure Up?

Is skill development a priority in your career?

Kellum Career Consulting, Job Search

Often, in order to project confidence in the job search process, people believe (and write on their resume) that they are more skillful than they really are. 

This can lead to disappointment when after what you feel is a great interview doesn't result in a job offer.  You were not the best qualified. 

Know your Strengths and develop your weaknesses! 

Whether you are applying for a job or vying for a promotion at work, refinement of these Top 10 Transferable Skills will back up your claims and help the employer see your value in almost any industry. 

1.      Communication.
Why you need it… The importance of communication skills increases as your career progresses. The ability to speak, listen, question and write with clarity and conciseness are essential for your managerial positions.

You know you need to work on it if… people are likely to either argue with you; avoid conversation with you; or seem emotionally closed off/shut down when you speak to them.

2.      Team Work.
Why you need it… Business success relies on the effective teamwork in for profit and not for profit alike. When employees work together as a team, business initiatives and goals can be met or exceeded.

You know you need to work on it if… you tend to monopolize activities and discussions; consistently avoid contributing to team efforts; don’t place priority on sharing appropriate information in a timely manner; and possess the inability to coordinate with the needs and visions of others.

3.      Time Management.
Why you need it… Time management is an essential skill that helps you keep your work under control, at the same time that it helps you keep stress to a minimum.

You know if you need to work on it if… you have issues with any of these things: Managing Interruptions, Procrastination, Poor punctuality, Perfectionism, Saying ‘Yes’ to everything, Doing everything yourself.

4.      Problem Solving.
Why you need it… Problem-solving skills allows you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goal. You will find that not only is this skill essential for daily work but is highly used in behavioral interviews.

You know you need to work on it if…You tend to have trouble viewing problems objectively, are not open minded to multiple possible solutions, not able to get past the problem or symptoms of the problem, or do not place priority on gathering the facts.

5.      Organization.
Why you need it… There is more to it than keeping your workplace workspace clean and in order. Supervisory and managerial roles organize the work of their employees to strategically align with the company's goals.

You know if you need to work on it if… you have trouble with making plans that are efficient, returning voice-mail messages in a timely manner,  answering and clearing your hundreds of emails, or meeting project deadlines.

6.      Negotiation.
Why you need it...Negotiation is the method you used to settle differences. In order to settle conflicts and disagreements you need to be able to think strategically and be a good communicator.

 You know you need to work on it if… you find that you are the company yes-man or woman, you have low intuition for predicting the behavior of your opponents, and you are not very good at influencing others.

7.      Working Under Pressure.
Why you need it...We all work under everyday pressures; but in the employment world employers are looking for work specific ability to handle pressure. Can you manage the demands of your regular duties and the most stressful of problems while improving or meeting company expectations?

You know you need to work on it if…you find that you have trouble managing stress and functioning during times of high workplace demands.

8.       Knowledge Management
Why you need it...When you first read the term knowledge management, the first image that may have come to mind is someone behind the computer desk typing away. Knowledge management skill incorporates a lot more than that. People that have this skill are able to collect data and analyze it in order to create plans, policies, procedures, and creating workflow processes.

You know you need to work on it if… researching and analyze data into strategic plans is not your thing but you want a job that requires it.

9.       Leadership
Why you need it...Leadership is probably one of the first skills you thought of when you saw Top 10 Transferable Skills. It is something that employers want, most people have some form of, but not everyone is good at.

 The Good News Is That Like Most Of Our Top Transferable Skills You Can Aspire To Be A Great Leader And Work Towards Increasing Your Mastery Of The Skill.

You know you need to work on it if… you have some of the telltale signs listed in Forbes 15 Ways To Identify A Bad Leader.  Here are just a few: lacking integrity, lacking vision, a know it all, failure to communicate.

Why you need it…Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and in the world of work increase in size and scope as you move up the leadership changed.

You know you need to work on it if…To be able to be successful at project management one through nine of the previous transferable skills must be well-developed as well as the ability to assess can risk, manage change, and more.

Kellum Career Consulting, Job Search

Stay tuned as we explore tools tips and assessments to help you strengthen these Top 10 Transferable Skills.

Kellum Career Consulting, Job Search

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