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August 8, 2014

Developing Effective Leadership Skills with Integrative Negotiation

Our #6 Top Transferable Skill is Negotiation. Let's take a look at what Integrative Negotiation is and how can it help you.

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Integrative negotiation is a skill every leader should posses to develop healthy professional relationships. 

What Is Integrative Negotiation?
Integrative negotiation is  known as ‘win-win’ negotiation.

Both parties undergo an agreement process to better integrate their aims and goals through creative and collaborative problem solving techniques.

Learning integrative negotiation skills can help everyone develop profitable professional relationships. 

 Negotiation and leadership go hand in hand, and therefore, learning to proactively negotiate for the conditions of your own success is a Very Big Deal

Integrative Negotiation Helps in Building Networks
A person with good negotiation skills can build stronger networks. As it is a win-win situation, both parties will be happy and that ultimately strengthen your professional relationships.

Since we all negotiate, and spend our days negotiating with others for benefits, it makes lot of sense to learn and develop remarkable negotiation skills.

Handling negotiation well largely depends on how we perceive it. Knowing your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement before negotiating helps to avoid failing to secure a positive outcome.

However, most people still consider negotiation  as a loss, and become very rigid, avoiding it at all costs.

So , what prevents people from negotiation?

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There Are Four Main Factors That Close The Door For Negotiation:
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Losing
  • Fear of offending
All these fears will collapse if you determine to get a solution . 

Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Negotiators
Here are some basic characteristic and behaviors of effective negotiators that can also help you improve:

Negotiation as process
Highly effective and successful negotiators view negotiation as a process.  You have to understand the dynamics that affect the process and behavior of people.

Focus on Win-win
The main aim of integrative negotiation is that both parties feel good about the outcome of the negotiating process.  try to solve problems  while looking for more opportunities to share as much value as possible. 

Keep patience
Many negotiators look for a quick fix to close the deal, which is not beneficial. Successful negotiators recognize that patience is a virtue, and understand that rushing the process often leads to an undesirable result.  major mistakes are made when we try to build an agreement too quickly.

Successful negotiators are confident when they enter a negotiation.  Behaving rude or arrogant is a No-Go! Strive to make other party comfortable and create a light atmosphere. 

Develop a high belief in your ability to reach a win-win outcome.

Great Listening Skills
Listening is the most crucial of skills that can make or break your negotiation process. Develop a habit of listening to others to understand what is on their mind. 

Integrative negotiation requires time, effort and the right perspective to end up with a win-win situation. 

But you can do it!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and learn the science of integrative negotiation!
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