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September 26, 2014

Are You Looking for Promotion In Your Next Position?

 Continuing with Leadership, our #9 Top Transferable Skill,  Let's talk about seeking a promotion.  

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I have helped many clients with an issue that they sometimes see as a barrier to gaining a promotion and repeatedly surfaces with job seekers....

How do you prove your leadership capability when you have not had the opportunity to hold a formal leadership position?  

After all, if you are competing for a promotion, you will be up against other candidates who may have had the titles the employer is looking for.

Here are some opportunities to start looking for now at work and in volunteer positions in the community to help build your leadership repertoire for that next big position:

  • Initiate projects and organizational problem solving...If you see an issue that is not getting solved at work form a team get some brainstorming done and lead the way to better processes!

  • Get involved on committees at work and professional associations...If you are not involved in professional associations in your field yet now is always a great time to get started.  
    • You can also find LinkedIn groups specific to your field or even your current/future employer...Join the group and be a leading contributor to discussions, answering questions, and sharing content.

  • Demonstrate competencies of good leadership in team assignments.

  • Volunteer for tough assignments...When I first joined the Army as a private, my step-father was a Drill Instructor.  He told me NOT to volunteer for anything in basic training.  Looking back I am glad I followed his advice, but the same is not true when you are seeking to gain leadership experience in a new field or for a promotion.  
Go ahead...raise your hand and take on that challenge ;)

So now that you have an idea of what opportunities to look for let’s talk about how to present your alternative leadership positions. 

If your alternative leadership position was work related add it to your duty description as an accomplishment. Briefly describe the issue that you spearheaded, highlighting the role you played in organizing and solving the issue.  Don’t forget to emphasize the end result!
If it was related to your field but not work related, create a Related Accomplishments section an highlight your industry specific achievements and leadership positions.

This is a bit easier in behavioral interviews.  When preparing for an interview, be sure to rehearse common questions like these….. with the answers describing your alternate leadership experience in detail.  Make sure to also rehearse why you chose to pursue that position or problem and how it relates to the job!

In reality it is easy to read as much advice and learn as many teqniques about getting higher pay and better jobs…but it all boils down to the effort you put into your own professional development. You can’t be behind the times in your industry and think it should be easy to get ahead.

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If seeking alternative leadership opportunities seems a bit overwhelming and out of your comfort zone, Find A Mentor!

Someone who is where you want to be or is genuinely interested in helping you grow professionally to reach your biggest goals!

Career coaches are notorious for genuinely caring about their clients and going great lengths to see them succeed **wink**

What is your take?  Do you have any tried and true methods for gaining leadership experience toward bigger goals? 
Share them with us below in the comments, you never know who you might be able to help J

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