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September 12, 2014

Do Bad Leaders Exist?

Are you a good leader? If yes, how did you figure that out ? Are you leading in the right direction, or are bad leadership qualities holding you back?

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Our #9 Top Transferable Skill is Leadership. There is a strong connection between leadership and performance. A clear and better understanding will enable you to enhance performance of your team, organization significantly.

Are You a Good Leader?

In order to produce the absolute best products and services in the marketplace, all team members must treat their work and their customers with great respect and care. It follows then that good leadership requires treating followers with great respect and care — the better the respect and caring, the better the outcome.

Common characteristics of Effective Leadership Include:
  • Listening to your Followers
  • Addressing their complaints, suggestions, concerns, and personal issues
  • Coaching people when necessary to raise them to a higher standard
  • Allowing everyone to put their opinion forward
  • Trusting them to perform
  • Ensuring everyone is fully involved in how the company reaches success
  • Providing direction to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Communicate the vision

Every person wants to be heard and respected. Everyone has something to contribute. Listening to and responding respectfully make it worthwhile for employees to apply 100% of their creativity, innovation and productivity and making them highly motivated, committed and productive.

Are there Bad Leaders?

I personally believe bad leadership is a product of poor professional development, lack of experience, and low emotional intelligence.  

All of which can  be "fixed"  to an extent. 

You also have to factor in personality which can play a direct role in good or bad leadership (we will touch on this in a later post).

Some leadership traits and styles work best in specific situations and horrible in others.  Here are a few characteristics of bad leadership:
  • Failing to listen or only perfunctorily listening to complaints and suggestions.
  • Exhibiting the “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality
  • Providing inadequate support
  • Turning a blind eye to workplace bullying
  • Withholding information
  • Treating team as if they don’t want to do a better job (Yes, I have seen this)
  • Treating them as if they are lucky to have a job (Unfortunately, I have seen this in action too)
  • Being afraid to discipline and never disciplining anyone

Bad leadership shuts off the natural creativity, innovation, and productivity of employees and slowly but surely demoralizes them. 

How Do You Know What Kind of Leader You Are?

Self analysis and others’ feedback is the most impactful way of knowing what kind of leader you are. 

There are many online tests that can help you know what kind of leader you are, but of course, you have to decide which tool is showing authentic results.

What is your opinion?  Are there "Bad" Leaders or is it just poor leadership development? Can "Bad" Leaders be fixed? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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